I've always assumed Bob Dylan was a Rovers fan
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Fellow Rovers supporter and my regular singing partner Dave Metcalfe is currently putting the finishing touches to his debut album, Legionnaire, due out later this year. The album will showcase Dave’s more serious material.
During the recording sessions he put down one of his Dylan pastiches enjoyed by regular visitors to the local folk clubs at
The Bay Horse, Osbaldeston and The Aspinall Arms in Whalley.


It is a song about football and catholic guilt. Once there was an altar boy who, rather than going to church on Good Friday, went to watch his beloved Blackburn Rovers. This is the story of God's punishment visited not just upon the boy himself, but on a whole town! 

Phil Brown, presenter of BBC Radio Lancashire’s weekly folk music strand, The Drift, got wind and played it on Friday night’s show.

 You can listen to the show here (till Friday 21st January)

 Dave’s song, Good Friday Blues, is about 23 minutes into the broadcast. I hope you like it.


You may see fit to make comment about the song, the programme or anything else BBC Radio Lancashire-related


 Seamus Heffernan

I've always assumed Dylan was a Rovers fan