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Photographer in


Sunderland supporter
praises Rovers fans!!

“I'm a Sunderland supporter and came to Ewood on Monday night. However outside the away end I was stopped by a steward and told I wouldn’t be allowed into the ground as I was "too intoxicated" which was a load of crap.

So I had to end up going to watch it in a pub, the Fernhurst was shut so I walked on up the big bank and ended up in the Golden Cup. Your supporters were a credit to you and the club. I enjoyed talking with your fans and they treat me very well , which in some places around the country you wouldn’t get such treatment, so I thought I’d send this just to say thank you to all that were in that pub that night!”

Good Luck for the rest of the season.

See you at The SOL

Scott Burt

Scott Burt couldn’t get into Ewood to watch
Rovers v Sunderland last week - Here is his story
Scott Burt
He loves Rovers fans!